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CRLA Leadership Opportunities

Looking for a way to further your involvement and professional development with CRLA? Working with the International Mentor Training Program Certification program is a great way to learn more about peer mentoring, network with colleagues, and further engage with the CRLA organization! The Assistant Coordinator of IMTPC works collaboratively with the IMTPC coordinator to promote, support, and award our international mentor training certification levels to best practice programs around the world.


Assistant Coordinator


Assists and supports the IMTPC Coordinator in all aspects of the IMTPC program including promoting IMTPC certification, processing applications for mentor training program certification, responding to requests for information, assisting in IMTPC evaluator training and activities, maintaining database of certified programs and coordinating work of Assistant Coordinator.  It is preferred that the IMTPC Assistant Coordinator is a program reviewer and has been a CRLA member for at least two years. He or she must maintain membership during the term. The term of office is 3 years with additional three-year terms possible.


Responsibilities include the following:

  • Promoting IMTPC certification and responding to requests for information and applications;
  • Overseeing the process of the annual CRLA IMPTC Outstanding Mentor Award
  • Maintaining the content of the IMTPC pages on the CRLA website;
  • Troubleshooting applications and serving as a reviewer when needed;
  • Providing updated information about program certification status and status information about programs applying for certification;
  • Sending certification renewal and re-certification information and links to CRLA Website;
  • Recruiting, maintaining records of, and assisting in the training of IMTPC Reviewers;
  • Workshops/Presentations on Preparing and Submitting Applications
  • Provides publicity through regular articles in CRLA NewsNotes, announcements on the website, brochures and handouts for State/Region/Chapter meetings, and conferences of related professional organizations.

IMTPC Coordinator, Assistant Coordinator(s), and Reviewers are volunteer positions.  All must be CRLA members before and during their term.

Knowledge & Abilities

The IMTPC Assistant Coordinator needs an understanding and knowledge of technology during the transition phase of moving IMTPC to an online application process, a managed payment process, and moving all records to a database.  Once these pieces have been implemented, less technology skills may be required of the IMTPC Coordinator.

General Responsibilities

  • Attend annual conference (or notify IMTPC Coordinator and the CRLA President as soon as possible if unable to attend).
  • Assist the Coordinator to submit a projected budget to the Treasurer prior to November 30 annually to cover all income and expenses for the coordinators and the IMTPC Committee.
  • Maintain current membership in CRLA throughout term of office.
  • Work with the Coordinator one year before end of term to identify and mentor a successor.
  • Contact Board for any suggested changes to job description during term and update this job description and the job descriptions of the Assistant Coordinator at end of term.

Accepting this position allows CRLA to publish name, e-mail, school address and school phone number.

(Revised June 2005; October 2008;  Sept 2011)

To apply for a position, submit a letter of application addressing your willingness and ability to meet the requirements of the position, a vita or brief listing of qualifications, and a letter of institutional support. If institutional support is not required, please state such in the letter of application.

Submit your application to Lori Saxby, CRLA President, at

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