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What's New

  1. This ITTPC website is being re-designed for easier access & use (we hope you like it).
  2. ITTPC has created a unique program ID for every certified program (find yours at Current Certified Programs)
  3. CRLA is creating a new automated online program for certification application submissions, it should be available in 2015 for ITTPC.
  4. Beginning July 15, 2014, payments for ITTPC certification will go directly to and through CRLA's National Center (see Application and Fees & Payment Options).
  5. Multiple programs and/or campuses can now be certified under one certificate, provided they qualify (see Application and Fees & Payment Options).

ITTPC Most Common FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):
New to your position?
Why should I get certified (or how do I justify certification)?
  • There is a list of 14 generic benefits, followed by 40+ comments from vertified tutor training programs stating benefits for certification, including campus accreditation, see Benefits of ITTPC.
Who can be certified?
  • Post-secondary Tutor Training Programs. CRLA's ITTPC does not certify tutors, it certifies programs and authorizes its certified programs to certify their qualifed tutors. All tutor training certificates and records are kept with and by the certifying programs.
How do I apply for certification? What is the process?
What kind of fees and how do I pay them?
I know there are Stages and Levels, what's the difference?
  • Levels refers to the certification level offered to tutors because of certification the program attained (Three levels: Certified Tutor, Advanced Certified Tutor, and Master Certified Tutor).
  • The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Stages are the required stages every level of every certified program must go through--NOTE: The 3rd Stage of Re-certification is a recurring certification required of programs very five years)
  • See ITTPC Levels & Stages.
What are some tutor training resources I can use for my program?

I have submitted my application, supporting docs, and fees. How can I know where my application is in the process?

(updated 10/16/2014)
Type of Certification applied for:
Dates (R-4-R) Currently being Reviewed
New Programs (1st Stage)
(Avg. review time = about 9-10 months)
APR 01, 2014-
APR 14, 2014
Reflection & Renewal (2nd Stage)
(Avg. review time = 1-2 months)
SEP 01, 2014-
OCT 01, 2014
Re-certification (3rd Stage)
or Re-join (special case of 1st stage)
(Avg. review time = 4-5 months)
JUL 14, 2014-
AUG 07, 2014

Note: The "Ready for Review" date is emailed to the contact persons within 2-3 weeks of when the appropriate application packet, supporting documentation, and fee are received. To find your program's Ready4Review date, look at ITTPC Application listings at (excel spreadsheet download)

Rick Sheets, Ed.D.
ITTPC Coordinator

What is this annual ITTPC Outstanding Tutor Award?
I am interested in finding out more about the ITTPC reviewers.
For additional questions and information, contact ITTPC Coordinator, Rick Sheets, Ed.D. at


Take time to check out all the information in the links in the column at the left.

Below is a sample of our ITTPC program certificate:

ITTPC Sample Certificate

The program above has reached the third stage of certification. It will
need to re-certify every five years to maintain its program certification.
Membership in CRLA or any professional organization is encouraged, but not required.

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Tutor Training Program Certification information at

nal questions to ITTPC Coordinator, Rick Sheets, Ed.D. at
Last update on: 16-Oct-2014

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