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IMTPC: International Mentor Training Program Certification
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Please complete an application for each program to be certified. Refer to Certification Requirements ( for a complete listing of all the LEVEL 1, 2, and 3 requirements.

Step 1: Complete the attached application: IMTPC_Application.

Step 2: Attach the necessary documentation. The "necessary documentation" called for under each criteria consists of patterns of evidence of the what, how, and when of the training program. It could/should include any or all of the following that can help the CRLA Mentor Certification Committee verify your program(s): course syllabi, titles of textbooks used, flyers/posters/memos, sample worksheets, handouts, worksheets, training agendas, etc.

Step 3: Please provide a program narrative, one to two pages, explaining how your mentor training program(s) fulfills the requirements of the level(s) requested. The purpose of this overview is to provide the committee members with the appropriate background information necessary to certify your program. This overview should provide the following information: program history, program objectives, reporting lines, sources of funding, services and students served, program location and facility, training guidelines, and training components.

Step 4: All sources must be cited in a comprehensive REFERENCE form (APA format). 

  • Effective July 1, 2009, Compliance with federal copyright law is expected of all CRLA members and IMTPC programs. It is our legal and ethical responsibility to give authorship credit for all materials we use in the classroom and for tutor and mentor training. Additionally, it is our legal and ethical responsibility to purchase (or have students purchase) copyrighted materials. IMTPC programs found to be in violation of copyright law will lose their certification.

Step 5: Upload all application materials to and “share” the folder with the IMTPC Coordinator, Heather Porter, .

Step 6: Request an invoice by contacting the IMTPC Coordinator, Heather Porter, at Please include the following information: Institution, program, certification level(s), and program contact information.

Step 7: Send invoice and a check, payable to “CRLA”, to the address below:

7044 S. 13th Street
Oak Creek, WI 53154

To pay via purchasing credit card, please contact Nicole Cheever ( with your IMTPC invoice.

**Important Notice**

The IMTPC application fees are set to increase in November 2014.

The new fees will be in effect for all applications, new and recertification/renewal.

Effective November 2014, fees will be the following:

Level One Certification: $150
Levels One & Two Certification: $250
Level  One, Two, & Three Certification: $350
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