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What is a webinar?
A webinar is a term used to describe a web-based seminar. Webinars are like conferences, but participants participate remotely via a computer. Typical webinars are one-way with the speaker directing the presentation. However collaborative activities such as the use of text chat, polls and surveys, and question and answer sessions can be used to engage the audience. The webinars are often digitally recorded for future playback thus providing an opportunity to reach an even larger audience.

Through a 2010 CRLA grant award, TxCRLA introduced the Brown Bag Webinar Series as a way to reach out to post-secondary professionals while promoting TxCRLA membership. Their series of web conferences promote professional development and training in the fields of developmental education and learning assistance as well as provide a forum for sharing ideas and research. Brown Bag Webinars are free to all CRLA and TxCRLA members.

We thank TxCRLA for their leadership in the development of webinars
for CRLA, and for sharing their expertise.

Check out the following resources and free webinars:

Connecting through Webinars - A CRLA Handbook
This handbook was developed to provide guidance and best practices to CRLA States/Regions/Chapters and Special Interest Groups in the use of webinars as an effective tool for professional development.


Mad Dog Math
Presented by Denise Lujan
Produced and Hosted by TxCRLA
January 2011
(Click on the recording link; type in your name as a Wimba participant and click "Enter")

Facilitating Study Groups
Presented by Jim Valkenburg
Produced and Hosted by PA/NJ CRLA Chapter
February 2012
(Just click "Enter" to access)
Facilitating Study Groups Power Point

Connecting with Students Via Social Media: Tools for Engagement and Interaction
Presented by Stacy Oliver
Produced and Hosted by CRLA
June 2012
(Just sign in your first name, click enter, and the webinar should begin)

Integrated Reading and Writing
Presented by Dr. Sugie Goen-Salter
Produced and Hosted by TxCRLA and the Texas Network
September 2012

College Literacy in Content Areas
Presented by Dr. Victoria Appatova
Produced and Hosted by CRLA
February 2013

From Prospect to Active Alumni Status:
Strategic Planning to Improve Student Learning, Retention and Satisfaction

Presented by Dr. Daniel Jean
Produced and Hosted by PA/NJ CRLA Chapter
April 2013

Political Activism 101 for Learning Assistance Professionals
Presented by Dr. Jack Trammell
Produced and Hosted by CRLA
June 2013





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